The TAPP-C program assist families with children and youth (2-17years) that may be playing with fire or setting fires referred to as “fire involvement”. 

The Program involves two main components; fire safety education (provided by the family’s local fire department) and assessment (completed by Chimo). The aim of the program is to reduce fire involvement and to promote fire safety. Chimo’s role in the TAPP-C Program is to assess the child/youth’s potential risk of future fire involvement, to assess clinical concerns regarding a youth or child and to make recommendations from a mental health perspective as well as fire safety recommendations. These recommendations are shared with the child/youth and family in a feedback session. If further support is recommended and can be provided by Chimo the necessary arrangements are made, otherwise Chimo staff will support families to find appropriate resources in the community.  Once the assessment is completed, if the youth has not been referred to the Fire Department already, Chimo will facilitate this. This is done immediately upon completion of assessment. Referral to the TAPP-C Program can be made by parents and/or community service providers.