Clinical Services

Chimo Youth and Family Services offers a range of clinical programs that tailor services to the needs of the children, youth and their families from the ages zero to eighteen years in the Kawartha Lakes and North Durham region. These programs are facilitated by Masters level clinicians who are registered in appropriate colleges to provide psychotherapy. Chimo’s clinician use a variety of evidence informed psychotherapeutic techniques when delivering service.

These programs include the following;

  • Play Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Therapeutic Groups
  • Social Skills Groups

Within the context of these programs Chimo clinicians provide a safe therapeutic environment in which children and youth can express and explore their thoughts, feeling and experiences in a confidential manner at their speed. Based on presenting issues children and youth may learn coping skills and strategies that they can than generalize to their daily lives.

In order to benefit from these programs children and youth need to be a willing participant in the therapeutic process. Have the ability for insight and the desire to make changes in their life and behaviour patterns. For children and youth to receive the most significant long term benefits from these clinical programs they families need to be able to do the following;  support them in attending regular appointment, support them in generalizing the skills learned in session to daily life and by making changes themselves to support their children/youth changing behaviour patterns. 

Clinical services can help children/youth and their families address the following presenting issues;

  • Thoughts or actions related to self/harm
  • Feelings of depression
  • Feeling of anxiety or being overwhelmed
  • Trouble coping with age appropriate expectations and demands
  • Struggles with separation and loss
  • Poor social skills or destructive relationships
  • As well as processing traumatic experiences

Clinical services require a commitment from both the child/youth and their families to attend regularly schedule consistent appointments. Due to the waitlist for these programs being measured in months not days if a child/youth or their family is unable to demonstrate the appropriate level of commitment the decision will be made to end services. These services are generally provided at the Lindsay office between the hours of 9am and 6pm. Services can range in length of time from 3 month up to one year based on severity of symptoms, client engagement and progress towards goals.

Referrals for clinical services need to be made by youth 16 years of age or old or the parent/guardian of younger children/youth by contacting central intake at 1-888-454-6275.