Chimo not only has a new logo, but a brand new website!

Chimo-Logo-Horizontal-FinalOur new site features lots of helpful links and is simple to navigate.  Launched on August 26, 2016, the website provides easy access to our history as a mental health agency, program descriptions, public announcements, client stories, as well as important information on how to access our services.  On some of the service pages such as the Residential Mental Health Treatment and Respite tabs, you will also find pictures of our programs and what some of our clients have been up to.

One feature that we are very excited about, is the Service Map.  This allows users to enter their postal code into the Google Maps search and determine what services are offered in their area.  Also check out our news and events page to see what Chimo has been involved with as well as any training opportunities that we may be offering to the community.  In the near future, staff will be able to securely log onto the site to find important information on human resources, training and job opportunities etc. 

We hope you like our new site and encourage others to check it out!