Strategic Plan


Service excellence in the delivery of children’s mental health services


Strengthen the ability of children and youth to effectively deal with and/or resolve their mental health challenges, building resiliency for the future.  Strengthen caregivers’ understanding, skill base and ability to guide and support their children.


Respect, integrity, transparency, innovation and professional excellence.


Service Capacity

  • Innovative use of technology
  • Improved professional work space
  • Improved staff recruitment, retention and training
  • Innovation in service delivery
  • Improved community awareness of Chimo services
  • Improved intake process
  • Improved rural service delivery
  • Balance between the needs of clients in service and those on waiting lists
  • Enhanced external partnerships

Quality Assurance

  • Clear strategies to gather feedback including the use of youth and parent engagement and a vertical slice/360 feedback
  • Thoughtful approach to vendor selection and service provider performance
  • Enhanced understanding and use of performance management
  • Internal relationships based on respect and transparency, clear and timely communication and the demonstration of appreciation
  • Professional development that responds to the changing needs and requirements of clients, staff, Board and governing legislation

Download a PDF of the Chimo Youth & Family Services 2015-2020 Strategic Plan